Spraying insulation in attic

Seal Your Attic to Save

If you suspect your home may be leaking air and letting in potentially-damaging moisture, you may have to start at the top of your house to get to the bottom of the problem. If your attic is the culprit of energy waste, don't fear. We've got some great tips to help you seal up the top level of your home.

Woman caulking interior of window

Save Energy by Tightening Your Home Envelope

The barrier separating the home's interior space from the exterior is known as a home envelope. If there is a leak in this envelope, it can cause your home to be less comfortable, dry and efficient. Check out our list of ways you can test your home's air-tightness and how you can address pesky leaks.

Man's hand with paintbrush sealing air ducts with caulk

Duct Sealing

Your air ducts can silently sap your home of energy. If your air ducts aren't properly sealed or insulated, they can waste energy by leaking conditioned air or "back draft" unsafe gases into your home. Find out ways you can identify leaky ducts and how to fix them in this article.

lady performing blower door test

Audit Your Electrical Use for Increased Savings

Much like going to the doctor for a regular physical, our homes need a check-up now and again to ensure peak performance. A home energy audit can do just that by assessing your home's efficiency at multiple levels. Learn more about home energy efficiency audits and see if your house needs one.

man installing wall insulation

Value of Insulation

Want to learn how valuable your home's insulation is? Check out our latest article covering the basics of home insulation, how much insulation your home needs, different types of insulation and how to properly insulate your home.

spraying insulation in attic

Comparing Home Insulation Material: Which Is Right for You?

If you're putting in new insulation, you have more options than ever. However, you shouldn't let the number of choices overwhelm you. Our guide compares different types of insulation to help you determine which will be best for the job.

Serene young woman relaxing on comfy sofa with hands behind head, breath fresh conditioned air inside of modern light living room.

Optimize the indoor air quality in your energy-efficient home

Follow these nine tips so you can breathe easy.