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Invest in a Business Energy Audit

Before you can effectively save energy, you have to learn how you are using it now. Contact your electric cooperative and ask how a professional energy audit for your business will help you save energy. You will receive recommendations and learn the best measures to help your business achieve the quickest return on your investment.

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Efficient Business Lighting

You may be surprised that lighting can take a larger share of a building’s electricity use than any other item. Your business can achieve significant cost savings with energy-efficient lighting upgrades. With the Take Control & Save business lighting program, your cooperative may offer rebates up to 40 percent of your total lighting upgrade.

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Electric Semi Trucks

Three major obstacles facing the electric semi-truck industry are scale, price and battery technology. One of the most significant challenges is building an interstate network of electric vehicle charging stations capable of keeping the next generation of long-haul trucks on the road. Learn more about the challenges truck drivers face.

High-Efficiency Motor

High-Efficiency Motors

Electric motor systems are responsible for consuming 40% of the world’s electricity, using the energy to drive compressors, pumps, fans and other mechanical applications. Premium efficiency motors can help significantly lower global greenhouse gas emissions. While the initial cost of these motors is higher than less-efficient units, they can provide significant payback in energy savings.

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Use Variable Frequency Drives

Your electric cooperative may offer rebates or incentives for business owners who purchase and install variable frequency drive motors (VFD). Learn the benefits of VFDs and how they can save your business energy and money.