birds on power lines

Birds and Power Lines

There are many false assumptions about why birds can safely perch on power lines. It is a myth that all power lines are insulated with a protective coating that prevents shocks. Most power lines are actually not insulated. The coating on the lines is actually for weatherproofing and will not offer any protection from the electrical current.

man digging safely

Call Before You Dig

Remember, make sure you play it safe and always call 811 before you start any digging project! You will avoid injury, expense, embarrassment – and a very inconvenient day in the dark.

utility poles

Don't Post on Utility Poles

Yard sale signs, basketball hoops, deer stands, satellite dishes, lights and birdhouses. Electric cooperative lineworkers find all these items and more on utility poles. Not only is this dangerous, but it is also life-threatening to them and those posting the items. Please help keep lineworkers safe and do NOT post on power poles.

downed power line by tree

Downed Power Line Safety

Power lines are the veins of energy distribution across the country. However, they can pose a threat when they're brought down. Learn what to do if you come across a downed power line.

tractors plowing under high voltage lines

Electric Safety Tips for Farms

Power lines and other equipment can present certain electrical hazards. It's essential for farmers to follow certain safety practices when working around power lines and wiring in barns and other outdoor areas.

solar lights on walkway stone path to house

Electrical Safety for Landscaping

Landscaping can help beautify and make your home more efficient. However, practicing electrical safety is essential when sculpting your perfect yard.


Overhead Power Line Safety

Being around power transmission lines comes with certain risks. In fact, accidentally contacting one can be dangerous and, in some cases, even deadly. Your local electric cooperative wants to help members stay safe around power lines. As a result, we've provided you with a list of things you can do to stay safe.

car accident into power lines

Power Line Hazards and Cars

Power line vehicle safety tips.

What to do if power lines fall on your car.

Tree trimming machine by side of road

Tree Trimming

Trees provide a lot of benefits to many people. They provide shade, beautiful colors or memories of a loved one. Removal or excessive trimming of one of these trees can create sorrow. Your local electric cooperative will only trim or cut trees when it is necessary to keep the power line rights-of-way free and clear of obstacles.


Electrical Right-of-way

Right-of-way laws help electric co-ops perform essential maintenance on power lines to get you the electricity you need to carry out daily tasks. Learn more about what these laws mean to you.

safety blockades

Work Zone Safety Tips

It's essential to show extra caution whenever you travel through a work zone. Too many accidents, injuries and deaths have resulted from poor driving. Learn more about how you can keep yourself and others safe.